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In our mission to shed light on suicide awareness among veterans, the role of esteemed public figures is pivotal. Our public service announcement (PSA) campaign galvanizes the voices of these influential personalities, magnifying our message to reach hearts and minds across the nation.

Public figures carry an extraordinary ability to guide the public discourse—they captivate, they lead by example, and most critically, they have the power to elevate vital issues into the public eye. Their endorsement can resonate with people, ignite discussions, and drive collective action.

The support of such prominent individuals for our suicide awareness initiative is a beacon of progress. Their engagement transcends simple advocacy; it is a passionate call to action. Their platforms are conduits for change, dismantling the stigmas that shroud mental health, and encouraging dialogue and the pursuit of assistance.

The resonance of their commitment can have a profound effect. By sharing their influence with our cause, these public figures can instill hope and galvanize support. They serve as a reminder that the statistics we often hear represent real lives and real struggles. Their alliance is more than symbolic—it is a dynamic force in the effort to safeguard lives.



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We believe that no one who has served our country should struggle alone. Our community projects demonstrate our commitment to building better futures for our veterans, their families, and men and women across the globe. Join us in our mission with a tax deductible contrinution.


Your partnership with Rally4Vets will help us expand our reach, provide vital resources, and offer support to those who need it the most. Our team is eager to work with businesses that want to connect with the 18+ million veteran community and help save the lives of those who have served our country.  Contact us today to learn more about the various partnership options available.


Are you looking for a way to support our veterans and raise awareness for an important cause? Rally4Vets is hosting the 2024 Top Dog Championships, and we need your support to make it a success! Join us as one of our esteemed sponsors, while also enjoying a thrilling day of racing and competition.


Join us for a weekend of action-packed racing and support a great cause at the 2024 Top Dog Championships at Summit Point Motorsports Park West Virginia. And just maybe in Southern California as well! No track experience? No problem.  Experienced instructorsbe by your side to ensure a safe and thrilling ride.

Are you ready? 

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