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The 2022 Top Dog Championship is in the Record Book!

33 military motorsports enthusiasts met on the Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point Motorsports Park, West Virginia, on October 22, 2022, to do battle for the coveted DVEN/Rally4Vets Top Dog Trophy.

Once again, Army emerged victorious by fielding the most drivers across all car classes.  Boots on the ground always matter!

The final standings:

  1. Army - the overall service Top Dog Champion for 2022

  2. Marine Corps

  3. Air Force

  4. Navy

  5. Coast Guard

  6. Space Force

Individual Top Dog Champions

The following drivers became DVEN/Rally4Vets "Top DGZ" Champions by winning their class:

  • Nicolas Flom                     Army                              2018  Audi RS3                                   #375

  • William Cruz                      Army                              2019 Tesla 3 Performance                     #4

  • William Braniff                   Army                              2017 Mini Cooper S                             #13

  • Rick Stewart                       Army                              2000 Acura Type R                               #83

  • William Murphy                 Navy                              2017 Ford Focus RS                           #199

  • Danny Kao                         Air Force                       2019 Porsche 911                                 #57

  • Isaiah Capers                     Air Force                       2018 Honda Civic Si                            #25

  • Al Pacheco                         Marine Corps               2015 Volkswagen GTI                        #101

  • Taneshia Brunson              Marine Corps               2020 Mazda Miata                               #42

  • Dave Jones                        Marine Corps.              2017 Porsche 911                                 #64

  • Cale Nash                          Marine Corps               2007 Porsche Cayman S                      #44

  • Scott Smith                        Coast Guard                 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS               #625

  • Peter Evans                        Coast Guard                 2010 Mazda Miata                               #11

  • Keith Kennebeck               Space Force                 Porche 991                                           #77

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The Top Dog Championships

The annual DVEN/Rally4Vets Tops Dog Championship provides the amateur motorsports community the opportunity to reduce the annual veteran suicide death toll.

The competition is open to everyone: veterans, active duty personnel, and civilian drivers who simply wish to support their veteran community.

Drivers compete in classes based on their car's technical specifications and their own driving experience.  This ensures everyone competes on an equal basis.

The DVEN/Rally4Vets op Dog Championships are the only inter-service military motorsports championship in the world!

The team that accumulates the most points across all categories is the overall Top Dog Champion for the year.  Each car class crowns an individual Top Dog Champion.  Winners join the DVEN/Rally4Vets "Top DGZ."

The 2022 Top Dog Championships Results are below.

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You can be part of our veteran suicide prevention campaign.  Email Robert Hess and we'll be happy to share our program plans. 


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