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Military Inaugural Ball


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Rally4Vets proudly presents our nonpartisan Presidential Inaugural Gala, set to take place on January 20th, 2025, marking a significant occasion in the national calendar and the hearts of those we serve.  Under the resounding theme "We Drive -They Survive," we invite you to join us for an evening that promises not just glamour and celebration but also a deep connection to a cause that drives us: using the thrill and camaraderie of motorsports to combat mental health challenges and raise suicide awareness.

Imagine a night where the passion for speed and the spirit of resilience fuel a gathering of minds and hearts, all united for a common cause.  As the engines of our mission rev, the gala will be a showcase of elegance, determination, and unity, reflecting our commitment to steering lives toward hope and recovery.  Through each turn of the event, guests will be part of an inspiring journey—highlighted by compelling stories, impactful testimonies, and a vision that looks beyond the horizon.

This gala is more than a celebration; it's a testament to the power of community and the belief that we can make a difference together.  It's an invitation to stand with us, throttle up our collective impact, and ensure that for many struggling with mental health challenges, the race is never run alone.

Join us for an unforgettable evening where your support can help change the course of lives.  It's time to dress up, show up, and gear up for a cause that promises to drive change, spark hope, and save lives.  We Drive. They Survive. — let this night be the start of a journey we undertake together, proving that in the race for life, no one is left behind.

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At a time when divisions run deep, the Rally4Vets Presidential Inaugural Gala stands as a powerful symbol of unity and compassion.  It reminds us that the fight against mental health issues and suicide goes beyond politics, striking at the heart of what it means to be human.  This gala isn't just an event; it's a strong appeal to the incoming White House administration and every American.  We are called to place the health and safety of all individuals, veterans and civilians alike, at the forefront of our national priorities.  This evening is our collective pledge to elevate mental health and suicide prevention on the national agenda, ensuring that no one in our society feels overlooked or alone in their struggle.

Let this gala be your call to arms - a call to embrace the spirit of service and sacrifice that defines our military community.  As we dine, dance, and unite under the banner of "We Drive. They Survive." - your presence signifies more than just an evening out; it marks you as a beacon of hope, an ally in the fight for mental wellness, and a pivotal force in the journey towards healing and understanding.

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As we roll out the red carpet for an evening of remembrance and celebration, here's what you need to know about your arrival and the red carpet experience:


Red Carpet Arrivals: 6 PM - 8 PM

Exclusive Access: During the official arrival times from 6 PM to 8 PM, the red carpet will be bustling with press seeking to capture newsworthy footage.  This time is reserved for our honored celebrities, who will be given priority on the red carpet, and our VIP ticket holders, who are invited to share in this spotlight moment.

VIP Red Carpet Pass: All VIP ticket holders will be issued a Red Carpet Pass, granting them access to the red carpet during these arrival hours.  This is your opportunity to experience the glamour alongside our special guests and make your mark on this unforgettable evening.


VIP Cocktail Hour: 6 PM - 7 PM

 An Exclusive Start: VIP ticket holders are cordially invited to our VIP Cocktail Hour from 6 PM to 7 PM. This will be a prime time to mingle, enjoy exclusive refreshments, and celebrate the start of an impactful night in an intimate setting.


General Admission and Red Carpet Access: Post 8 PM

Open Access: Once the red carpet arrival window concludes at 8 PM, the red carpet will open to all guests.  This is your chance to capture personal photos on the famed carpet, basking in the glamour of the evening at your leisure.

Doors Open: The doors to the gala will open for all guests at 7 PM, allowing for a seamless transition from the red carpet to the evening's main festivities.


Please ensure you arrive during the designated times to enjoy fully the unique experiences tailored for your ticket level.  We look forward to welcoming you to an evening where each step on the red carpet leads us closer to a future where no one battles mental health challenges alone.


Enjoy the epitome of culinary sophistication, where we draw inspiration from the star-studded Oscars Governors Ball and its world-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck.  Our exquisite dining experience is tailored for the discerning palate, featuring a sumptuous array of small plates and desserts artfully arranged across elegant food stations.

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As in the grandeur of the Oscars, our handpicked chefs will weave a tapestry of flavors, presenting several imaginative dishes that travel beyond the traditional seated affair.

From delicate one-bite hors d'oeuvres to gourmet small-plate entrees, the evening is curated to allow you to indulge in a multitude of culinary delights while mingling with fellow attendees.

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Each plate is a conversation starter, a piece of edible art, beautifully presented for your selection.

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This is more than a meal; it is an indulgence in fine dining reimagined, a statement that exquisite taste and refined company know no bounds.  Let us set a new standard for gala dining, worthy of the most prestigious events in Hollywood and beyond.

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Join us through a minimum required donation for tickets or sponsorships, graciously gifted in appreciation of your support towards the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network's Rally4Vets program.  Your contributions are tax-deductible and play a crucial role in advancing our mission.  Please note, donations are non-refundable, but tickets can be transferred, allowing others to partake in this memorable event if your scheudle.  Your understanding and generosity are immensely valued as we unite for a cause that extends beyond a single evening.

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