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Be part of the most cause worthy race in action . . .



The excitement of the 3rd Annual Top Dog Championships at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia on October 1, 2023, was another unforgettable experience. The event, which included individual and team competitions, created a vibrant atmosphere of community and camaraderie.  It wasn't just about competing for the Top Dog Championship Trophy, awarded to the military service with the highest points; it was about cherishing shared moments.  The winners in the car classes became Top Dog Champions and the Marine Corps team became the overall 2023 Top Dog Champions, proudly putting the Marine Corps name of the rotating trophy.  

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The Rally4Vets Top Dog Championships are the world's only inter-service military motorsport competition.  Service teams: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Space Force, and USPHS + NOAA (combined) compete for Top Dog honors.


In a spirit of camaraderie, veterans, community supporters, and active-duty service members join forces to compete in a secure and unified environment.

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As the sun rises and sets, veterans and community supporters come together, creating a bond that feels like a shared journey. For many, it brings back memories of the camaraderie experienced during training or long deployments.


In tough times, having a community to rely on becomes a crucial part of taking care of oneself. The community isn't just important; it's like a warm embrace, providing a sense of belonging, offering strong support, and providing a meaningful sense of purpose.


Navigating the vast landscape of anxiety, a prevalent global challenge, can be daunting, but the comforting presence of service dogs offers a beacon of support in the face of uncertainty.


At the heart of Rally4Vets lies a profound mission – to sponsor the training of service dogs for veterans with disabilities. These remarkable companions possess an innate ability to detect the subtle signals of anxiety, intervening before it spirals into an overwhelming experience.  They stand as guardians, providing a cocoon of safety and alerting those around you to potential dangers.


Service dogs don't just stop there; they become pillars of distraction during anxiety attacks, offering a lifeline to calmness. Their watchful gaze signals to others, urging them to provide the necessary space and support.


The Top Dog Championships stand not just as a thrilling competition but as a vital source of funding, contributing to the training of these extraordinary service dogs. I t's a creative and compassionate initiative, a symbiotic dance between veterans and their four-legged allies, weaving a narrative of resilience and healing.


Tinkering under the hood isn't just a mechanical endeavor; it's a turbo boost for mental well-being, connecting you to a thriving community of car enthusiasts. The ever-expanding fellowship of car owners and aficionados is proof that the love for cars is an accelerating passion.

Whether you're a devoted gearhead or a casual cruiser, engaging in conversations about our shared obsession – cars – is an exhilarating joyride.  Our community events aren't merely pit stops to make new friends; they're dynamic workshops that fine-tune your communication skills. Socializing in this automotive universe isn't just about horsepower; it's a smooth ride to stress relief, cranking up your overall well-being for the long road ahead.


TrackCross/Track Sprint

Our events are patterned on the TrackCross program Jon Felton pioneered at Summit Point Motorsports Park and Virginia International Speedway.  Drivers take a number of familiarization runs and then drive the course 8-10 times with 30-60 seconds between each car.  This eliminates the risk associated with wheel-to-wheel racing.  


Drivers compete for individual standing and points in classes - there are classes for every type of car, regardless of the level of modification, and separate classes for novice and experienced drivers.  Think of the event as an SCCA Track Night but with 30 seconds between each car.

But different from any other amateur motorsports event, drivers also compete as teams for the team Top Dog trophy.  At the end of the day, it's all about helping America's veteran community.

The Top Dog Championships are open to veterans, active-duty personnel, National Guard members, and civilians who have a veteran family member or who simply wish to support the military/veteran community.



Join us for an exhilarating experience as our sponsors and celebrity guests get behind the wheel of our C6 Corvette, #617, aka "Corvette with a Cause."


The Chevrolet Corvette, the epitome of American sports cars, seamlessly blends speed, style, and innovation.


Throughout its impressive evolution, the Corvette has continually pushed automotive boundaries while retaining its iconic status.  What better car to support America's veterans than "America's Sports Car.?"


Worried about lacking track experience?  Fear not. A seasoned instructor from the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) will be right beside you in the passenger seat.


Are you ready?

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