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Our Rally4Vets
C6 Corvette Experience Car
You Can Drive This Car!

Corvette with a Cause

The Corvette is America's sports car.  And what better car to champion America's veterans?

 Our C6's missions:

  • Raise awareness of veteran suicide

  • Publicize DVEN's Rally4Vets events

  • Provide a genuine "race car" experience to donors and sponsors

  • Serve as a rolling advertisement for DVEN's veteran resources and our sponsor's commitment to America's veterans

It took a bit of hunting but we finally have our project car.

This is our new (to us) 2007 C6; 34,500 miles; with a manual transmission.  This car will be part of our awareness outreach program and also will serve as a sponsor product showcase and a safe and fun experiential car for celebrities and sponsors supporting our veteran suicide prevention program. 

Just Driven in Orange, California, will be the "prime contractor."  Owen Palmer of 5Zero4Designs will do the livery.

As the French would say, "Allez-y"

Supporters are welcome to meet us at a stopping point or drive a section with us.  Click the following link for details: 2023 Rally4Vets "Be The One" trans-America Rally 

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