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Darren Mann, a rising luminary in the entertainment landscape, seamlessly blends his early success as a junior-level hockey star with a remarkable acting career.  A recipient of the Best Actor award at the 2019 Leo Awards for his compelling role in "Giant Little Ones," Mann's ability to navigate diverse roles is showcased in upcoming projects like the indie film "Embattled" and the highly anticipated feature "Breakwater" that premiered in 2023.


His dynamic presence and commitment to authentic storytelling solidify Mann as a versatile and accomplished actor, heralding a promising future in the industry.


Born in Vancouver on September 26, 1991, Darren Mann's journey, inspired by his actress/director mother, began at age 8.  Making early strides on stage and in film, Mann's passion for acting persisted through a detour into professional hockey. Injuries prompted a return to his first love, leading to notable roles in film and television.  

Mann's breakthrough came with the drama "Giant Little Ones," premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018. His poignant portrayal of "Ballas Kohl" not only garnered critical acclaim but also secured the prestigious Best Actor honor at the 2019 Leo Awards.  Beyond his dramatic prowess, Mann effortlessly shifts genres, evident in his starring role in the Paramount Series "1923" alongside industry legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

Television audiences also recognize Mann from his impactful guest appearances in acclaimed series like "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," showcasing his versatility. Comedic guest star roles in series like "Package Deal" and Netflix's "Some Assembly Required" further highlight Mann's ability to navigate diverse genres.

Darren's dedication to the craft, coupled with his dynamic on-screen presence and commitment to authentic storytelling, positions him as an actor poised for enduring success.


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