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Welcome to Rally4Vets, where car enthusiasts unite to support America's disabled veterans. Whether you're a seasoned racer, an amateur driver, or someone eager for their first track day, our Top Dog Championship series has something for you.

Enjoy beautiful drives ending in social café gatherings, or join the lively community at Cars and Coffee events. Don't miss our 2024 cross-country rally supporting the American Legion's Be the One campaign.

Every Rally4Vets event contributes to reducing veteran suicide. Discover more below and join us at an upcoming event.

Rally4Vets Edit-83 Monique taking photos


Join our flagship Top Dog competition series, where drivers of all skill levels vie for the "Top Dog" title and support veteran suicide prevention. No need for a race car or license—your everyday car is perfect (trucks excluded). With 30-second interval starts, our format minimizes risk, and complimentary SCCA instructors are on hand for beginners.

Ready for the thrill of the track? There's no better time to start than now with Rally4Vets.

Visit: Top Dog Championships

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Car enthusiasts often find a home at Cars and Coffee events, showcasing unique vehicles and connecting with fascinating people.

Our spin on this is Cars and Camo. Our inaugural event aboard the USS Iowa in Los Angeles Harbor was a hit, featuring gems like a WWII armored car from the '70s Rat Patrol TV series.

Stay tuned for our spring 2024 event at the US Army Historical Museum in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Check our calendar for the latest details.



Inspired by the legendary Italian Mille Miglia, Rally4Vets is thrilled to announce the launch of our very own thousand-mile road rally series, dedicated to raising awareness and support for veteran suicide prevention.

While we hold immense respect for the Mille Miglia's rich history (learn more about it at Mille Miglia), we recognize the importance of safety.


Therefore, our Rally4Vets 1k events are never races but rather a thrilling journey, blending the spirit of the Mille Miglia with the resilience and endurance celebrated in the motorcycle community's Iron Butt award.

Are you Interested in an adventure that combines excitement, camaraderie, and a noble cause?  Then Bookmark this page and check back on May 15, 2024, and we'll have information posted. 

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Let's hit the road for a cause!



Unwind from the week with a scenic drive and friendly socializing at the end.

Rally4Vets invites you to join our group on, where we organize memorable trips.

Fancy leading the way? Our ambassador program aims for at least one trip in every state and territory.

Discover more and become an ambassador by clicking the link below.

Killboy photo Vette and Boxster on Tail of the Dragon_edited_edited.jpg


In 2023, we drove two of our cars across the US in support of the American Legion "Be The One" veteran suicide prevention campaign.


Guess what?  We're doing it again in August 2024 and it going to be even more fun.  Engage with us at rally points or accompany us for a leg of the journey.  There also are volunteer opportunities.  

Click the link below for details and join the Rally4Vets team helping end veteran suicide:

Sedona 2021 #1-min_edited.jpg


This captivating photo captures a moment from our "Be The One" rally, taken in August 2023 on the renowned Tail of the Dragon.


This memorable journey, stretching from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, was part of our exhilarating lead-up to the 3rd annual Top Dog Championships on October 1, 2023. It truly was an unforgettable trip.

Do you have a road that calls to you? A drive that stays in your heart? Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of veterans and reducing veteran suicide?

If your answer is yes – or even a tentative maybe – we invite you to explore further. 


Visit our ambassador program page and how you can become a vital part of this meaningful cause. Visit: Ambassador Program.

Killboy photo Vette and Boxster on Tail of the Dragon_edited_edited.jpg
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