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LA to Washington, DC

My name is Robert Hess.  I'm an Army combat veteran.  A PTSD survivor.  A Life Member of the American Legion.  And the Founder of Rally4Vets.  My team and I are driving  across the US in August 2024, to support the American Legion's "Be The One" campaign to reduce veteran suicide.

We'll be stopping at American Legion posts along the way.  We look 

forward to meeting you at one of our stops.  BTW, you're

welcome to join us for a segment of the run!  Scroll down for details and information on how to be part of this adventure.

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Beginning August 2024

We are using a SPOT GPS tracker.  To link up with us, pick the day below and click the

link below to see our location in near real-time - 10 minutes delay.

Memories from Our 2023 "Be The One" Rally for Veteran Suicide Prevention

Below are just a few of the over 2,000 photos we took during the trip.  It was a trip of a lifetime: stopping at American Legion Posts and speaking with people about veteran issues.  Nothing can quite compare with traveling through this wonderful country of ours and meeting the kind and generous people who are the fabric of America.

And, we're holding the rally again in 2024!  Scroll down for more information. . . 

Our 2023 route took us across the southern portion of the US: Los Angeles, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

2024's route begins in Los Angeles, travels to Oregon, and then follows the Medal of Honor Highway from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts.  This rally will be epic!  We're still working on the details but it looks like three weeks and just over 3,500 miles.

We'll again be stopping at American Legion posts along the way and hosting screenings of the documentary "Brothers After War."  

We welcome veterans, active-duty military, and supporters who would like to join for a portion - or all - of the rally, meet us at one of our stops, and companies that would like to support the trip.

Complete the form at right to join our "we will never spam you or we will buy you dinner" information email list.

Warm Regards,


Founder and Combat Veteran

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IMG_0965 2.jpeg
Rally4Vets CEO Robert Hess at his father's grave in Phoenix, AZ
Brothers after War.jpg

Download the Rally Flyer Below

We have a tight schedule but we would be honored to take a picture at your Legion 

Post if you are close to our route of march!

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