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LA               Washington, D.C.
The National Medal of Honor Memorial Highway 

My name is Robert Hess.  I'm an Army combat veteran.  A PTSD survivor.  A Life Member of the American Legion and VFW.  And the Founder of Rally4Vets.  My team and I are driving across the US again in August 2024 to support the American Legion's "Be The One" campaign against veteran suicide.

We'll be stopping at American Legion posts along the way.  We look forward to meeting you at one of our stops, and we would love to have you join us for a segment of the run! 


Scroll down for details and information on how to be part of this epic adventure.


Many veterans face mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. These issues can be debilitating and affect their daily lives. We lose almost 20 veterans every day to suicide.  But it doesn't need to be that way.


Veterans need to know that help is available and where to find it.  By connecting veterans to resources such as therapy and support groups, we can help them overcome these challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

The 2024 Rally4Vets trans-America "Be The One" road rally is an epic adventure supporting the American Legion's "Be The One" suicide prevention campaign.  The team will visit American Legion posts and historical locations along America's National Medal of Honor Highway - historic US Route 20 - to highlight this vital program.

The Rally4Vets team departs American Legion Post 291 in Newport Beach, California, on Friday, August 2, 2024.  We anticipate the team will be on the road for 21 days, covering 5,446.6 miles. Epic!

Companies have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our nation's heroes by supporting the Be the One Road Rally for Veteran Suicide Prevention.  By partnering with us, you can help raise awareness and funds to support programs that provide critical mental health resources to those who have served our country. 


Join us in the fight to end veteran suicide and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Participation Opportunities:

  • Support the rally and have your company logo on our cars.

  • Drive our C6 Corvette for a segment. 

  • Be part of our social media event stream.

  • Add a company segment to our post-rally documentary video. 

  • Meet us along the way. 

Are you ready for an adventure?  Complete the information form below or contact us directly at 877-383-6674.

US 20 Map Complete_edited.jpg


Route of March:

Date     Begin

8/2/24   American Legion 291, Newport Beach, CA

8/3/24   Sanger, CA

8/4/24   Eureka, CA

8/5/24   Rest/Event

8/6/24   Newport, OR

8/7/24   Burns, OR

8/8/24   Carey, ID 

8/9/24   Rest/Event

8/10/24  Cody, WY

8/11/24  Hot Springs, SD

8/12/24  Sioux City, IA

8/13/24  Dubuque, IA

8/14/24  Rest/Event

8/15/24  Chicago, IL (Bensenville)

8/16/24  Toledo, OH

8/17/24  Cleveland, IL

8/18/24  Rest/Event

8/19/24  Seneca Falls, NY

8/20/24  Springfield, MA

8/22/24  Kenmore Square, Boston

8/23/24  Gettysburg, PA


Sanger, CA

Eureka, CA

Newport, OR


Burns, OR

Carey, ID 

Cody, WY


Hot Springs, SD

Sioux City, IA

Dubuque, IA

Chicago, IL (Bensenville)


Toledo, OH

Cleveland, IL

Seneca Falls, NY


Springfield, MA

Kenmore Square, Boston

Gettysburg, PA

National Museum of the United States Army

Live on the Internet - Beginning August 2, 2024

The team will have a SPOT GPS tracker posting our location online with just a 10-minute delay.  Beginning August 4th, the green button below will show the team's current location.  To meet us along the way, select the day above and click the button below. 

2024 Spot Map.jpg


Sponsoring the 2024 Rally4Vets 21-day drive is a profound opportunity for brands to connect authentically with America's 20 million-strong veteran community, demonstrating a deep commitment to social responsibility.


This event does more than traverse the picturesque landscapes of America—it weaves your brand into the narrative of hope and support for those who've served our nation.


As a sponsor, you're not merely aligning with a cause; you're taking a stand alongside veterans, championing the critical mission of suicide prevention.  Rally4Vets understands that each brand is unique, so we offer customized sponsorship opportunities that resonate with your corporate ethos.   


From the exhilaration of driving one of the team cars to integrative branding and bespoke community engagements, your brand will not only be part of a life-affirming journey but will also amplify its CSR initiatives by making a real, measurable impact in the lives of veterans across the country.


Join with us and drive the change that honors their service and safeguards their well-being.


We have a tight schedule but we would be honored to take a picture at your Legion 

Post if you are close to our route of march!


We sincerely appreciate the companies and organizations supporting our veteran suicide awareness and prevention campaign.  We couldn't do our work without them.  Let's figure out how we can add your company name to this list.


DVEN | Rally4Vets

840 Apollo Street

Suite 100

El Segundo, CA 90245


robert @

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Thank you for your interest in supporting America's veterans. We will contact you shortly.

Memories from Our 2023 "Be The One" Rally for
Veteran Suicide Prevention

Below are just a few of the over 2,000 photos we took during the trip.  It was a trip of a lifetime: stopping at American Legion Posts and speaking with people about veteran issues.  Nothing can quite compare with traveling through this wonderful country of ours and meeting the kind and generous people who are the fabric of America.

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