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LA to Washington, DC

My name is Robert Hess.  I'm an Army combat veteran.  A PTSD survivor.  A Life Member of the American Legion.  And the Founder of Rally4Vets.  My team and I are driving two vehicles across the US in August 2023, in support of the American Legion's "Be The One" campaign to reduce veteran suicide.

We'll be stopping at American Legion posts along the way.  We look 

forward to meeting you at one of our stops.  BTW, you're

welcome to join us for a segment of the run! 

The tentative stop schedule [subject to change] is listed below:


  • 8/16/2023  Start: Post 43 Hollywood, California. End: Phoenix, AZ

  • 8/17/2023  Start:  Phoenix.  End: Sedona, AZ

  • 8/18/2023  Start: Sedona.   End: Santa Fe, NM

  • 8/19/2023 Start: Santa Fe.  End: Colorado Springs, CO

  • 8/20/2023 Start: Colorado, Springs.  End: Scott City, KS

  • 8/21/2023  Start: Scott City.  End: St. Louis, MO

  • 8/22/2023  Start: St. Louis.  End: Indianapolis, IN

  • 8/23/2023  Start: Indianapolis.  End:  Crossville, TN

  • 8/24/2023  Start: Crossville.  End: Bristol, TN.

  • 8/25/2023  Start: Bristol.  End: Post 293, Purcellville, VA

  • 3,353.30 miles!

Sites we'll be visiting: Cabazon Dinosaurs; Cathedral Rock; the Corner in Winslow, AZ; Pikes Peak; Giant Sunflowers in a Vase; Buffalo Soldiers Memorial; Indianapolis Motor Speedway;  the National Corvette Museum; the Tail of the Dragon; and the Virginia Military Institute.

Complete the contact form at right to join our newsletter email list.*  You may select the stop you would like to meet us at.  You also can drive a portion of the trip with us.


If you are an American Legion member at a post along the route of march and you would like us to stop at your post, just put your request in the "Additional Comments" section and we'll do our best to get you into our schedule.

I guarantee it will be a memorable trip


Robert Hess


US Army (R)


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