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At Rally4Vets, our commitment extends beyond the thrill of motorsports to a profound mission: supporting our disabled veteran community and enhancing mental health awareness. Through our Ambassador Program, volunteers leverage their passion for cars and community engagement to aid veterans struggling with stress and mental health challenges.

  • Suicide Awareness: Elevate the conversation around suicide prevention among veterans, using the platform of motorsport events to engage and educate.

  • Mental Health Advocacy: Spread awareness of the mental health resources available to veterans, highlighting how community and shared passions can foster resilience and healing.

  • Community Support: Build a supportive network of enthusiasts who are not just passionate about cars but are also advocates for veteran well-being.

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  • Join the Rally4Vets Group on the platform -

  • Create (or attend) one event every 2 months.

  • Your event could be a drive, meetup, casual automotive event, or attendance at a local Cars & Coffee event.

  • You can also attend as a photographer.

  • Share your photos and videos with the Rally4Vets Team to share in-app and on our social media channels.

  • Notify the RoadStr team in advance that you’re organizing an event or meetup and we'll help to promote it.

That's all there is to it.  

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Join Us on



  • You'll meet some great people and make new friends.

  • You'll help save veteran lives.

  • Receive exclusive Rally4Vets Ambassdor merchandise (the same gear we provide our celebrity ambassadors.)

  • Be part of the team of Ambassadors in your area.

  • Discounts and special access to Rally4Vets events organized or sponsored in your area.

Ready?  Just complete the contact form below with  "Ambassador" as the subject and we'll get the details to you.



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