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We are thrilled to extend heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors!  Their incredible support has been the driving force behind our ability to make a real difference in the lives of our disabled community. We encourage you to check out their websites and discover their amazing services.  By taking the time to explore their offerings, you are recognizing their incredible generosity and helping us achieve our shared goal of a positive impact on America's Veteran Communty!

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As a key sponsor, OG Racing propels our mission with cutting-edge racing gear and a commitment to safety. From advanced racing suits to the latest helmets and neck protection, we prioritize your on-track well-being with state-of-the-art technology.


What sets us apart is not just the gear but the personalized service by our passionate sales team. Whether you're a casual autocrosser or a Speed World Challenge racer, our enthusiastic support ensures the best customer experience.


Visit our 12,000 sq. ft. showroom in Sterling, VA, and experience racing firsthand. With 98% of orders shipping the same day, we guarantee prompt delivery, enhancing your racing journey with reliability and speed.

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**Road-Keeper HD: Innovation Unleashed**


Meet the cutting-edge Road-Keeper HD, born from our motorsports expertise. This dual HD video camera with integrated GPS delivers accessible dual-stream HD video and precise GPS data for both track and road enthusiasts.


With mapping, lap timing, splits,

and driver comparison features,

Road-Keeper HD seamlessly

integrates with our Race-Keeper

Comparo software, enhancing

on-track performance.


As the official Rally4Vets video and data logger, it brings advanced technology to every driving experience.

Rally4Vets CEO Robert Hess and RACE-KEEPER President Angus McKenzie announcing partnership
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We're delighted to be partnered with Track Rabbit for event registration, marketing, and to connect the motorsports community with our veteran support events.


Track Rabbit lets you search, filter, and scroll through the Event List, check out the Calendar View, and more.  The Details page shows pricing, who’s already going, and the vehicle they’re bringing.  Register in as little as two steps and you’re on your way!

When your friends register for an event, you’ll receive an alert letting you know when they’re attending.  You can then send them a message letting them know you’ll be there too!

When you sign up with Track Rabbit, your default privacy setting is "Friends and Club Only." This means that only your Track Rabbit friends and fellow club members will see your event attendance when they view a specific event or your Track Rabbit profile. 

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Find The Car You Are Looking For With Confidence


Awesome Joe Auctions™ is a vehicle enthusiast marketplace that offers curated classifieds and auctions.


The Awesome Joe digital community is assisted by agents who facilitate the sales process by hand.  We've eliminated fake bidding and bots, and designed a patent-pending process called Buy Confident℠ for buying any vehicle sight unseen without reservations, which benefits both buyers and sellers. 


Auctions are free to list until sold, and our unique features optimize the buying and selling process to save time and money.

Full disclosure.  If you purchase a vehicle through Awesome Joe, the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN) will receive a small commission that will be applied to our free service dog program for disabled veterans.

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