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Blair Underwood Steps Up for Rally4Vets in DVEN's Movement to Address Veteran Suicide

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Hollywood, California– The Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN) welcomes the esteemed actor Blair Underwood to the forefront of its powerful campaign against veteran suicide. This compassionate initiative, embracing Hollywood's brightest stars, now gains momentum with Underwood's participation. It spotlights a series of impactful 30-second video public service announcements, featuring celebrated personalities like Underwood, focusing on destigmatizing mental health concerns and shedding light on PTSD's struggles. Each narrative culminates with the campaign’s poignant tagline, “We Rally for Vets.”


Actor Blair Underwood is featured in a video for the Rally4Vets suicide awareness campaign, seated inside a luxury car with a tan interior. He is smartly dressed in a light blue shirt with a gray plaid vest, looking directly at the camera with a sincere and focused expression. The Rally4Vets logo is superimposed in the upper right corner, indicating the affiliation with the veteran support initiative. The overall ambiance of the image is one of serious contemplation and engagement, reflective of the campaign's mission to address veteran suicide.
Blair Underwood champions veteran support in a compelling Rally4Vets message, driving awareness to combat veteran suicide.

The movement confronts the distressing reality that daily, 18 to 20 veterans and service members succumb to suicide - a rate alarmingly above the general populace. Factors like depression and PTSD are central in this crisis. The veterans' sphere mirrors the entertainment industry is facing isolation and emotional strain, be it from military engagement or the demanding nature of film production.


The shared experiences of public scrutiny and isolation forge a unique bond between the veterans' community and Hollywood's elite. Both realms operate under high-stakes, emotionally taxing conditions. This commonality has nurtured a profound empathy within the celebrity circle, now intensified by Blair Underwood's commitment, towards veterans' challenges.


Social disconnection poses a significant barrier for numerous veterans, marked by a yearning for interaction yet impeded by discomfort, distrust, or a lack of safety. Leading suicide factors among veterans include traumatic experiences like combat exposure, sexual trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and survivor’s guilt. Reintegration challenges into civilian life further aggravate this isolation.


DVEN “Rally for Vets” suicide prevention campaign, spanning from December 2023 to December 2024, symbolizes the strength found in solidarity and empathy. Echoing the spirit of the annual Rally4Vets Top Dog motorsports championships, where the motorsport community actively joins the fight against veteran suicide, this campaign focuses on raising awareness and supporting crucial veteran programs.


DVEN CEO Robert Hess expresses deep appreciation to Blair Underwood and other participating celebrities: “Every day, we lose almost 20 veterans to suicide. However, change is possible through a united community attentive to those experiencing emotional turmoil. Immense thanks go to these celebrities for amplifying this vital message. Each one of us can “Be The One” to make a difference in a veteran's life. We invite everyone to engage in this honorable cause at”


The public can view the celebrity videos, including Blair Underwood's impactful message, on the Rally4Vets website at Rally4Vets Suicide Awareness. The community is urged to express their support and gratitude to these celebrities on social media, using the hashtag #Rally4Vets


DVEN/Rally4Vets encourages widespread public participation in the campaign, from event involvement to volunteering.  Comprehensive information is available on the Rally4Vets website under the Events Tab.


About Rally4Vets 

Rally4Vets, a project of the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network (DVEN), is dedicated to organizing motorsport events that spotlight veteran issues and generate funds for essential veteran programs.  Under the guidance of Robert Hess, a combat veteran and fervent advocate for disabled veterans, Rally4Vets plays a crucial role in creating impactful connections within the motorsport community.

Connect with Mr. Hess on LinkedIn:

For more details about Rally4Vets, including upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities, please visit Remember to mark your calendars for the 4th inaugural Top Dog Championships at Summit Point Motorsports Park on October 12, 2024. 


Media Contact: 

Tiffany Vaughn 

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