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If you are a car enthusiast of any variation and you would like to support America’s disabled veteran community, you have come to the right place.  Welcome to Rally4Vets.   


Whether you are a competition driver – professional, amateur – SCCA, NASA – or someone looking for their first track experience – our annual Top Dog Championship series is for you.


Perhaps you just enjoy a day's drive along some fun roads with great scenery ending at a café where you’ll have time to mingle with friends.


Or, you’re a Cars and Coffee aficionado who enjoys a Saturday or Sunday morning excursion to look at the amazing cars people bring to these events.


Finally, you might be interested in the 2023 edition of the Rally4Vets drive across America supporting the American Legion’s Be the One campaign.


Well, Rally4Vets has it all!  Click on the boxes below for more information.  All of our programs are aimed at helping reduce the annual veteran suicide death toll.


We look forward to meeting you at one of our events.

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