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Corrado Invernizzi, born on April 25, 1965, in Genoa, Liguria, Italy, stands as a distinguished figure in the acting world. His career, marked by versatility and depth, showcases his remarkable ability to bring diverse characters to life. Invernizzi's journey in cinema is punctuated by his roles in internationally acclaimed films and collaborations with esteemed directors, underscoring his status as an actor of considerable talent and range.


Invernizzi first captured attention with his role in "Shooting the Moon" ("L'albero delle pere," 1998), directed by Francesca Archibugi, setting the stage for a series of compelling performances. His portrayal in "Guido che sfidò le Brigate Rosse" (2005), directed by Giuseppe Ferrara, highlighted his ability to tackle complex historical and political subjects, earning him critical acclaim. 


His career trajectory continued to ascend with significant roles in "The Rest of the Night" ("Il resto della notte," 2007) by Francesco Munzi, "Vincere" (2008) by Marco Bellocchio, and "Requiem for a Killer" ("Requiem pour une tueuse," 2010) by Jérôme Le Gris. Each role demonstrated Invernizzi's skillful adaptation to varying genres and narratives, from intense dramas to historical epics.


Invernizzi's international appeal was further solidified with his participation in films such as "Zabana!" (2011) by Said Ould Khelifa, "Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy" ("Romanzo di una strage," 2011) by Marco Tullio Giordana, and "The Silent Mountain" (2012) by Ernst Gossner. His role in "The Face of an Angel" (2013), directed by Michael Winterbottom, showcased his ability to engage with contemporary issues, while "Né Giulietta né Romeo" (2014) by Veronica Pivetti displayed his flair for comedy.


Recent years have seen Invernizzi's continued success in films such as "Viva la Sposa" (2015) by Ascanio Celestini, "Le Rire de ma mère" (2016) by Colombe Savignac and Pascal Ralite, and the critically acclaimed "Ford v. Ferrari" (2019) by James Mangold. His role in "The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily" (2019), directed by Lorenzo Mattotti, and "Io sono Mia" (2019) by Riccardo Donna, have added to his versatile portfolio.

In 2023, Corrado Invernizzi was part of the ensemble cast in "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," directed by the acclaimed James Mangold. His involvement in this highly anticipated installment of the iconic Indiana Jones series underscores the breadth of his career and his capacity to contribute to major international film projects. This participation, alongside his notable role in "Marco Polo" (2014), underscores Invernizzi's significant impact on both the Italian and international stages, highlighting his versatility and appeal as an actor within globally recognized cinematic ventures.


Corrado Invernizzi's illustrious career is a testament to his enduring talent, dedication to his craft, and his ability to resonate with audiences across the globe. His contributions to cinema not only enrich the Italian film industry but also offer a bridge to cultures worldwide, making him a celebrated and respected figure in the world of acting.


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