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Thank You, America's Veterans

Today is the day America remembers and honors America's citizen soldiers.

Since the Revolutionary War ended, 646,596 American troops have died in battle and more than 539,000 died from other, non-combat related causes.

Today, slightly over 18,000,000 Americans are veterans. Just 18% of America's population has served in our armed forces. But they have come from every socio-economic class and racial group.

We owe each of them a debt of gratitude for preserving our democratic way of life and the opportunities we enjoy daily.

We can repay their sacrifices by respecting and abiding by the results of our democratic processes. Democracy is absolutely dependent on accepting the will of the majority, regardless of how slim, and peacefully transferring political power. History clearly shows that swings back and forth between liberal and conservative views and government have made America the most successful country in history.

America's Veterans, Thank You.

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