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Why Join Our Community: The Power of Camaraderie and Connection


At the heart of our mission lies a simple, yet profound truth: community saves lives. In a world where isolation can cast long shadows, the strength of camaraderie and the warmth of belonging shine as beacons of hope. This understanding forms the foundation of our membership ethos at DVEN / Rally4Vets. Here, we're not just a group of individuals united by a common interest in motorsports; we're a family committed to supporting one another, fostering connections, and building a network of support that extends far beyond the racetrack.

Camaraderie as a Pillar of Mental Health


The ties that bind us in camaraderie are more than mere social bonds; they are lifelines. Studies and experiences alike have shown that the sense of belonging and mutual support found in close-knit communities plays a crucial role in mental health. For veterans, who may face unique challenges as they transition to civilian life or battle the invisible wounds of service, these connections can be lifesaving.

Building a Community of Support


Our membership is designed to create a strong, supportive network that recognizes the value of every individual. By joining us, you become part of a community that actively engages in lifting each other up, sharing experiences, and providing a listening ear when needed. It's a place where camaraderie is not just about shared interests, but about shared lives and the shared understanding that together, we can overcome challenges.


Transforming Lives Through Connection


We believe in the transformative power of connection. Whether it's through the thrill of competition, the shared joy of a hobby, or the comfort of a conversation, the bonds formed within our community have the power to change lives. We aim to be a source of strength for our members, offering a space where veterans and supporters alike can find companionship, understanding, and a sense of purpose.

Join Us: Be Part of Something Bigger


By joining DVEN / Rally4Vets, you're not just signing up for membership; you're becoming part of a movement. A movement that understands the value of each human connection, the strength found in collective support, and the profound impact camaraderie can have on mental health and well-being. We're driving forward with a mission to combat veteran suicide, not just through our words, but through the actions and support of our community.


Exclusive Tickets to Special Movie Screenings

As part of Rally4Vets' newly established partnerships with movie studios, members can enjoy exclusive access to special movie screenings. These events will feature films that resonate with the veteran community, including new releases and possibly classic films with military themes. Additionally, these screenings will often be accompanied by Q&A sessions with cast members, offering a unique opportunity for veterans to engage directly with actors and filmmakers, gaining insights into the movie-making process and the stories behind their favorite films. This exclusive access is designed to provide enriching experiences that celebrate the spirit and sacrifices of the military community.

Mental Health Resources

We provide robust support for mental well-being through access to mental health resources. This includes workshops, seminars, and support groups, as well as referrals to professional mental health services, helping our members manage their mental health effectively.

Yoga in the Park

Enjoy the tranquility of nature while participating in guided yoga sessions. These gatherings provide a peaceful environment for physical and mental relaxation, enhancing flexibility and stress relief.

Cars and Camo

For car enthusiasts, our "Cars and Camo" events are a perfect blend of passion and camaraderie. These meetings feature unique vehicles and offer a space for veterans to connect over their shared love for cars, showcasing their rides in a friendly, social setting.

Complimentary or Discounted Tickets

Members receive free or reduced-price tickets to all major gatherings such as galas, recognition ceremonies, and seasonal celebrations, ensuring they have the opportunity to participate without financial barriers.


By donating $100 to our official Service Dog Training program and supporting Woody on his journey, you will secure an annual Rally4Vets membership. Simply make your donation on Woody's Page and forward your receipt to Tiffany Vaughn at Tiffany will then email you the details to process your membership and a comprehensive membership packet.  Welcome to Team Rally4Vets!

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