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Porsche 911 Dakar - Right here in LA

I dropped by the LA Car Show today hoping to see the Boxster EV Road & Track wrote about. No such luck. However; the 911 Dakar was there in all its glory.

Here's what Road & Track had to say:

The age of the factory Safari car is finally upon us. After years of home-brew creations and aftermarket tuning shops offering to turn your 911 into a world-beating Safari car, Porsche has stepped up and built an off-road 911 of its own. Dubbed the 911 Dakar, it checks all of the boxes of a great off-roading sports car, including a raised ride height, fender flares, all-terrain tires, and even an optional roof basket. Porsche officially uncovered the new model Wednesday night and it’s available for order as of this story going to press.

The rest of the R & T article is here -

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