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2022 LA Auto Show

I got lucky and snagged an entry to the industry/media day here at the LA Auto Show.

I've walked the entire show and there are many great vehicles and technology on offer. Road & Track recently wrote a piece on Porsche's all-electric Boxster. My hopes were high but it wasn't among the cars in their pavilion. That said, the Porsche collection didn't disappoint. Check out the 911 Dakar. [Just a mere $220k].

The most exotic car was the Hyperion XP-1 which reportedly jumps from zero to 60 in 2.2 seconds and can travel 1,000 miles on one hydrogen fuel load. The price tag? Somewhere between $2-3m according to Wikipedia.

There were a bunch of EVs. I'll bet they predominate at next year's show.

I've posted a collection of pictures below. It was a very fun day and I'm blocking the date on my calendar for next year.


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