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I Traded Four Wheels for Two. What?

Team Red, White & Blue is a charity focused on improving veteran health and wellness.

Yesterday I was honored to be able to join Team RWB volunteers who are taking an American flag from Seattle, Washington, to Atlanta, Georgia to ride a section of the Pacific Coast Highway, ending at Zuma Beach, California.

My segment was just 17 miles of the 4,000 miles the flag will travel during its 55-day journey across the US to Atlanta, but it was great to meet the volunteers and support Team RWB's programs.

The Old Glory Relay is a national event showcasing the strength, grit, and commitment of American veterans in support of their well-being. Over 50 days, supporters will unite to walk, ruck, run, push, and cycle a single American flag more than 4,000 miles from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA.

April 18th was day 18 so you still have time to participate. You can sign on to do a segment at

If you would rather support veteran issues using four wheels, join us on the DVEN / Rally4Vets road rally from Los Angels to Washington, DC in mid-August. Details are at

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