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Join our vibrant team of volunteers for the Inaugural Ball, an event dedicated to celebrating and supporting the Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network's Rally4Vets program and its vital suicide awareness campaign.  Whether you're passionate about event production, skilled in media relations, or versed in government affairs, your contribution will make a significant impact.  Explore the different departments where your talents can shine:

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Volunteers in event production play a pivotal role in bringing the Inaugural Ball to life.  From setting up the venue to managing logistics and ensuring the evening runs smoothly, your hands-on support creates an unforgettable experience for all attendees. This is an Ideal opportunity for those who love organizing, coordinating, and seeing plans come to fruition.

As part of the media relations team, volunteers will work closely with the press, ensuring that the event's milestones and messages reach a wider audience.

Responsibilities include coordinating interviews, managing press check-ins, and assisting with media requests.  This role is perfect for individuals with excellent communication skills and a keen interest in public relations.

Volunteers in government affairs will liaise with governmental bodies and officials, facilitating their involvement in the event.  Tasks may include sending invitations, coordinating RSVPs, and ensuring dignitaries are hosted appropriately. This role suits those with a background or interest in politics, diplomacy, and event hospitality.

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